Gutka Addiction Treatment Bhopal: Let Addiction Not Squeeze Some Years From Your Life

The consumption of smokeless tobacco especially gutka has substantially increased in India. Recent surveys in this realm showing that addiction is quite rampant among high school and college students as well as adults. Gutka is made with a combination of areca nut, paraffin, and salted lime and all these substances act as a virtual poison in the human body. Though gutka is sold and promoted as a mouth freshener, it is a combination of various harmful chemicals.

The gutka has some stimulant and relaxation effects due to which people who chew it regularly develop an addiction to it. But when a person chews gutka the mixture of the chemicals present in the gutka directly enters the body through the oral cavity and directly affects the body parts like lips, tongue, cheek, mouth, food pipe, kidney, etc. Chewing gutka only causes harm that must be stopped immediately. If you cannot, take the help of gutka addiction treatment Bhopa.

How Gutka Use to Spoil the Normal Lives of a Person?

Gutka causes various life-threatening diseases like mouth cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, oral submucous fibrosis, oesophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cancer, etc. In most cases, it is observed that fibrous bands get developed in the mouth of the gutka chewer due to which their mucosae lose their elasticity.

Thus, the patient loses their ability to open their mouth properly and in extreme cases, they lose the capacity to eat or drink anything. These types of the disease do not have any proper treatment and even if it has the cost of the treatment of these diseases is extremely high which can put a huge burden to your family. Thus, the habit of chewing gutka can spoil the normal lives of a person.

Ways to get rid of the addiction of gutka

People who use to chew gutka regularly develop an addiction to it. Getting rid of gutka addiction is a complicated process as it involves various factors including physical, mental, emotional, and biological. However, Gutka addiction treatment Bhopal is quite famous and professional. Many people have got rid of their addiction with their treatment.

Along with medication, it is highly necessary to provide couples counseling, family therapy, and neurotherapy is very essential for overcoming the problem of gutka addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has also become very effective for many people in overcoming addiction but it cannot be applied to everyone.

The process of treatment of any type of addiction is different for different people and hence it is highly necessary to consult the doctor properly so that they can analyze the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of the patient before starting the treatment.